Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liar! Liar?

Have you ever had a situation in your life where somebody tells you such horrible news that they've been witholding it from you for months? Particularly at an especially turbulent place in their life where your own life decisions will adversly affect them? Then you can't figure out if they were lying to you by not telling you the information before, or if they're currently lying to you about said bad information?

Unfortunately for the STBE (soon-to-be-ex) I've had this crap played on me before years ago. I had gone away to college and my boyfriend at the time claimed he was horribly sick and in the beginning stages of lupus. So, being the naive yet doting girlfriend I was I left college to go home and be with him. Yet, magically, when I got home all of his symptoms had dissappeared and he was doing much better. Fast forward 10 years and I'm faced with a strangely familiar scene: I leave (tell him we're getting divorced) and he's suddenly even more ill than he let on (3 heart attacks and a mini stroke).

Now, mind you, he's on blood thinners which should prevent both things from happening. So, not wanting to be fooled again I demanded his medical records showing the test results from those incidents. If there are no tests indicated in those records his prior deadline to move out no longer applies and he will be moving out immediately due to being a liar. Things are hard enough right now, the last thing I need is to have somebody willing to lie to me about something so serious living in my house.

He has one week to provide the records and he has to call for them with me present so I know when he did it and when he can expect to get them. Then I will go with him to pick them up. This may seem a bit obsessive to some but I refuse to be fooled like this again, especially now when I'm already so dang vulnerable.

On a side note, apparently uncontested divorce in our state only takes 90 days from the date the papers are signed/filed to be finalized. Thank goodness!

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