Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting on track.

So today was graduation from my current nursing program.  I fully intend on going farther with my nursing education but today was step one.  I still have 7 weeks to complete during the summer but those will fly by and then I will be able to take the state exams and work as an LPN.  I feel like I have finally accomplished something career related in my life.  Up till now I have just felt like a complete failure in the education/career department because I never finished college and had only been working retail/hospitality.  It feels really really good.

Now that my career is finally getting on track I need to finish getting my divorce on track.  I was supposed to file the divorce papers last week but just never quite got around to it because of finals and then dealing with really bad pain again.  This coming week I have a couple of appointments but other than that all I have planned is cleaning my house in preparation for L's visit a week from tomorrow (yay!!!).  That should leave plenty of time to get down to the courthouse and file those papers.  I just need to take the time to sit down with the STBE and cross my fingers he'll sign the joinder saying that he agrees to the terms of the divorce.  If he will then we should be legally divorced in 3 months, which will be approximately 3 months before L moves out here.  Yes its cutting things kinda close, I should have taken care of this a long time ago, but at least its getting done now.

Do I think he's going to sign the joinder?  Nope.  He is doing everything he can to make this situation harder now that its actually looking like its going to happen for sure.  He is refusing the parenting plan that he originally agreed to.  He is refusing to sign the papers at all because he says he wanted my wedding rings to save for our kids and I no longer have them to give to him.  He's just being plain difficult.  He claims to want this over as much as I do but he keeps finding reasons to not sit down with me and to not sign the papers.  I'm hoping that he'll stop being so darn stubborn and just do what he promised soon because I need to be done with this myself.  I really need to be done with this.

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