Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Best surprise ever.

So when I wrote this post back in August about hoping to someday get married to my sweetie, I was expecting there to be a super long wait before she was even ready for one of us to pop the question.  Well, she surprised the heck out of me and last night after a pretty serious conversation about kids and marriage she got down on one knee and asked!  For lack of proper planning time, neither of us had an actual engagement ring handy for the other so we just exchanged our personal rings that we each wear on a daily basis and then we made a few phone calls and sent a few messages.  Today we've told a few more people but we haven't made a big general announcement yet as we're wanting to make sure all the important people (aka people who will get offended if they find out on Facebook) are told personally first.

As of yet we have almost no details worked out.  No date, no specific location (though we know it'll be in WA), and only one wedding party member confirmed because she's L's best friend and L couldn't help but ask her today when she called her to share the good news.   We also know we'll be using her grandmother's wedding bands (set aside for us by her cousin A), and that we won't be having a strict color theme.  While I'll probably be in a blue dress and her in a suit, L's maid of honor will be almost guaranteed to be in pink.  Its going to be a crazy fun mish-mash of clothes and people but I think its going to be amazing.  Especially if her cousin A helps me plan it like I'm sure she's dying to.

L keeps expecting me to break down in tears of happiness, and while I'm sure I will on the day (whenever that happens to be) right now I'm just so darn happy that I can't hardly stop smiling.  I'm also still in shock that it was her that popped the question instead of me, and that it was so soon, but in my heart I always hoped it would be her asking.  With her uncertainties and hesitance about marriage, up until now, I always wanted to ask but knew it would be better if I let her ask on her own time.  And apparently that time just happened to be last night.

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